The Nightly Miracle


ANMW members are dedicated to ensuring that everyoneís favourite newspapers and magazines are delivered to every newsagent in the country 364 days a year.

Itís more than likely that you take it for granted that when you walk through the door of your local newsagent that your favourite newspaper will be on the counter or you will hear it dropping through your letterbox at the time that you want it. What isnít so obvious is the massive operation that has taken place in the early hours of the morning, up and down the country to ensure that national newspapers arrive in the right shops in the right quantities and at the right time, day in, day out.

The task of getting these publications into the hands of the UKís news retailers rests mainly with the wholesalers and there are over 6,500 employees working round the clock, sorting, packing and delivering over 10 million newspapers into the 54,000 newspaper outlets before these shops open for business. This is a service that is provided 364 nights a year.

Daily national newspapers are transported from the various print centres across the country to the wholesale warehouses by large trunker vehicles, arriving usually between 3am and 4am. In a short time window of just three or four hours, wholesale employees must ensure that these publications are parcelled up in the right quantities and delivered to the right shops at the right time.

Besides being both efficient and effective, the wholesale operation must surely rank as one of the most flexible when it comes to getting up to the minute news into the publicís hands.

As well as ensuring that newspapers are available to the public, wholesalers are also responsible for delivering 22 million copies of magazines each week.

The efficiency of the wholesale operation in getting important and up to the minute news into the hands of the public cannot be overstated. Indeed the Freight Transport Association noted

"the news and magazine supply chain delivers a higher line volume of the shortest shelf life product to a higher number of consumers through a greater number of retailer outlets during a more compressed time period than any other supply chain we have studied."

It is therefore not surprising that the UK news supply chain is often referred to as the nightly miracle and is the envy of the world.


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